Playing with Words and Numbers in Early Education

Printable Number Stencils

Number Stencils 3
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Number Stencils

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Alphabet Display Lettering 3  

Suggestions for Use

  • Copy each number onto card and laminate, then use as a template for making numbers with play dough.
  • Fantastic for Classroom Bulletin Board Displays.  Copy the numbers onto bright coloured card, then cut around, laminate for longer life.  Terrific for door displays, parent communication displays.
  • Decorate middle section of numbers using....
  • -   sand
  • -   cotton wool
  • -   matching number of objects for that number
  • -   scrunched paper
  • -   torn paper
  • -   paint
  • -   crayon patterns
  • -   glitter
  • -   alfoil
  • -   and the list goes on.....
  • Number tracing and writing numbers practice.  Great for littlies.  Children need to stay inside the tracks (outline).  Rainbow numbers is a good activity with this.  Children trace inside the number template 10 or more times using a lot of different coloured pencils.
  • Make puzzles.  Copy the numbers onto coloured card.  Cut and laminate.  Cut each number into 2-4 pieces using a zigzag or curvy cut.  Children put them back together again.

Please add your suggestions for using Printable Number Stencils in the comments below... thanks !

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