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Maths Vocabulary Words

Maths Vocabulary Words
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 127 Math Vocabulary Words...

  • Ideal for literacy and maths reference and activities, as well as classroom bulletin boards and display.....
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Maths Words List

add plus sum total minus
subtract take away difference multiply times
groups of divide share equals even
odd pair vertical horizontal diagonal
less than greater than pattern sequence share
groups set count quantity amount
calculate digits numbers numeral place value
base blocks single double triple dozen few
many most least more less
once twice increase decrease fraction
half quarter third whole corner
line row curve angle spiral
round straight edge centre/center brackets
graph grid balance measure estimate
capacity height weight volume gram
kilogram millimetre centimetre metre kilometre
millilitre litre length width cents
dollars chance dice digital problem
zero - twenty ten/twenty - one hundred first - twentieth ones tens
hundreds thousands millions  

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