Playing with Words and Numbers in Early Education

Maths Matching and Subitizing Cards

Maths Matching Cards
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Maths Matching Cards using Subitizing

  • Cut up and use for Counting and Matching Games....
  • UPDATED 2nd May 2013 - Thanks Emma for your suggestion of higher number maths cards....
  • UPDATED 2nd May 2013 - Numbers 1-10 include subitizing / numeral / picture / dots / word
  • UPDATED 2nd May 2013 - Numbers 10-250 include
    • Numeral / base block picture
    • Words
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Suggestions for Use

  • Print and cut up for number matching activities and games.
  • Find and match the different number representations.
  • Turn over and play concentration matching game.
  • Play 'snap' on the cards with matching number representations.
  • Place the cards into correct numerical order.

Please add your suggestions for using Maths Matching and Subitizing Cards in the comments below... thanks !

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  1. I was just thinking the other day that I needed some matching cards for numbers over 100 then today I came across the new parts of speech posters and thought I’d check out the “What’s New” section and there I found exactly what I had been wanting. Thank you so much for your wonderful resources. This is the first place I check when looking for resources and I’ve been able to build a great collection since moving to the lower school grades last year. Thanks again!

  2. I LOVE the subitising/matching cards for the numbers to 10. I would love it even more if they were extended to 20. Many thanks for another awesome resource!!

  3. Hi 🙂 I love your resources and use them regularly but I just wanted to make a comment and I hope I don’t offend you 🙁 With the cards that have the MABs representing numbers I don’t think I would use the cards that go higher than 160ish as it is difficult for the students to identify the tens at a glance. I have always taught my students not to count the individual ten stick in a hundred block as there is no need and they should be able to trust that it is a 100 but your pictures are misleading as they look big enough to be a hundreds block. I realise that you were short on space on the cards but I think this would lead to the students being confused and doubting the way they use MABs. I feel there needs to be a space between each ten stick that is not part of a hundred block. Thanks for listening to my opinion. I understand that you may not be able to act on this but I hope you can as I would love to use the whole set 🙂 thanks Casey

  4. Noted Casey – taking a look – thanks Casey

  5. These are just what I need for my year one children. I would, however, like to suggest the addition of tally marks. Love the subtilising opportunities I’ll have with these, though! Thanks for the wonderful resources you share.

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