Playing with Words and Numbers in Early Education

Free Friends Of 10

Friends of 10
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Free Friends of 10 Set

  • Use as a chart and / or cut up for addition games and activities...
  • Essential for children to know these automatically before moving on to adding higher numbers....

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Suggestions for Use

  • Print and laminate and use as a wall chart for maths reference...
  • Print, laminate, then cut up to be able to play addition matching games.
  • Cut up the lines of dot equations and the number sentences - children match the number sentences to the correct equation dot line.
  • Cut the equation lines up further into the 2 separate colours - children put the equation dot lines back together to complete the 10.
  • Further reinforce by asking children to place counters/concrete objects on top of the dots as they count / add to ten.

Please add your suggestions for using Free Friends Of 10 in the comments below... thanks !

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