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Human Body Picture Outline And Organs

Human Body Picture
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Human Body Picture Outline and 10 Main Organs Charts

  • Plain body outline / templates
  • Organ word cards
  • Organ fact cards
  • Organ Labels
  • Colour and Black and White Versions
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Suggestions for Use

  • Enlarge the pages you need to A3 size for a chart version.
  • Use the human body outlines only for drawing and labelling of all sorts of body parts (also see Our Body theme word cards)
  • Laminate and cut out the organ pictures and word labels - use these to add to the blank body templates.
  • Place the organ fact cards under the correct organ labels / word cards
  • Use the fact cards to play the 'Build our Body Organs' Game - after initial discussion of organ facts - pop the fact cards into a 'magic hat' 'mystery bag /box'. Child picks out a fact card - the matching organ is then placed onto the blank human body - another card is chosen - continue until all organs are on the body.
  • Make up small versions of above game for children to have individual body outlines and organs.
  • Use the blank human body picture outlines for children to draw and label their own organs or other body parts.
  • Make up a class book, or individual book using the template from 'Interesting Facts about ........ Human Body Organs', Each child writes and draws about one interesting fact to add to the class book.
  • Add the organs word cards to our other ' Our Body ' theme word cards...

Please add your suggestions for using Human Body Picture Outline And Organs in the comments below... thanks !

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