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Printable Alphabet Book

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Printable Alphabet Book

  • Children add pictures and words beginning with letters of the alphabet.
  • Ideal for use with many of our word cards...
  • Use different mediums to illustrate the pages...

Suggestions for Use

  • Instead of making into a book - print at 'multiple pages per sheet' print 4 in 1 - instructions is the result...
  • Make this book an ongoing 'teaching the alphabet' project over several weeks or one term.
  • Illustrate the book in a variety of ways - drawing, gluing cut outs from magazines, collage, etc.
  • Make a large version on A3 paper for a Class Alphabet Big Book.
  • Make the alphabet books up using multiple pages of just one letter or one page of each letter.
  • Use our Alphabet Pictures, Words and Letters resource to cut and paste in the picture and copy in the matching word. Children could also use this resource for examples only and draw their own pictures.
  • Place the Dolch Nouns picture word cards on display for children to help with ideas for each letter.
  • Cut out pictures from magazines to place in the book - children can write their own words or dictate to adults.

Please add your suggestions for using Printable Alphabet Book in the comments below... thanks !

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