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Keyboard Spelling Activity

Keyboard Spelling Activity
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Keyboard Spelling Activity A4 sheets

  • 3 different options....
  • Thanks to Kathryn for this suggestion...
  • Uppercase, Lowercase and Finger Placement - ALL AVAILABLE IN BLACK AND WHITE ALSO.
  • Write on or place a word card on top section - Children pretend to 'type' the word - plus many other ideas.
****This resource is available as part of our full membership option****

Suggestions for Use

  • Place a word card on the top section, or write in a spelling word using whiteboard marker......
  • **children practise 'typing' the work on their keyboard.
  • **children colour in or cross or circle the matching letters on the keyboard using whiteboard markers.
  • **children draw a continuous line from first letter to last letter on their keyboard using whiteboard markers.
  • **children write their name on top and practice 'typing' their name
  • Keep the top section blank......
  • **children practice 'typing' the alphabet on their keyboard.
  • **in pairs, one child 'types' a word from a list - their partner watches carefully and has to 'guess' which word they are typing.
  • **again in pairs, one child colours in, crosses, or circles letters using a known word - partner has to unjumble the marked letters to match the word.
  • Explore and discuss the way letters are positioned on the keyboard - children investigate actual keyboards and label the blank keyboard sheets.
  • Colour the vowels one colour and the consonants a different colour on their keyboards.

Please add your suggestions for using Keyboard Spelling Activity in the comments below... thanks !

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  1. Would it be possible to have a keyboard that is totally black and white? Then the children could colour in the letters they press to log in/write their name/passwords etc. I’m a Year 1 Teacher and half our weekly lab lesson is consumed by finding the computer keys!

  2. Hi Jemma

    If you click on the link and work your way through the pages – we do have them available in all sorts of different ways including black and white…

    Cheers Jemma

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