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    Hello wonderful teaching community!

    I received an ipad for my year 1 class today and was wondering of anyone could suggest worthwhile apps?

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    I LOVE any “Everyday Math” apps! Tric Trac, Top It, etc. They are enabled for partner play and challenge kids to really use the math skills that we are teaching while using the taking turns skills that kids lack nowadays! Just search “Everyday Math” and you’ll see a wide array of choices for various levels.


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    There are a few good ones out there. Here’s a little list of ones I’ve found and have good reviews:

    Baby plants vegetables
    The opposites
    Beginning sounds interactive games
    Clever bird early science
    Weird but true (National Geographic)
    Kids song collection
    ABC for kids
    Discover musical instruments
    Story starter ideas for writing
    A life cycle app
    Running records calculator

    Hope these help! You can also search the App store for ‘Education apps’ or a specific learning area, and read reviews to check it’s educational value. Good luck!


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    Lucky you I had to buy mine.

    Here are some apps I have found that follow the C2c…

    *Little match ups ,,
    *Jungle time,
    *Jungle coins,
    *Counting board,
    *Number line,
    *Grade one math,
    *Number rack,
    *Addition wiz,
    *Tell time.

    in LA hand writing i found ..

    *School writing,
    *rED writing,
    *Story ideas and
    *1st grade writing,

    at good looking spelling test app is

    *A(plus sign ) test. Sorry I can’t find the plus symbol.

    a good spelling is

    *Phonics awareness and
    *Reading eggs,

    Art is

    *Doodle buddy.

    I hope this helps.


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