The Three Bears Rap

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    Tap shoulders
    Once upon a time in a nursery rhyme there were three bears.
    A mamma and a pappa and a wee bear.

    (Striding arm action)
    One day when they were walkin and a talkin in the woods

    along came a girl with long golden hair,( long hair action)
    well there were three bears.

    “Someone’s been eating my porridge” said the pappa bear.(pappa bear’s voice)
    “someone’s been eating my porridge said the mamma bear”( mamma bear’s voice)
    “Hey mamma she bear” said the little wee bear “somebody has broken my chair. Yeah!” ( keep beat on legs and then thumbs up yeah using baby bear’s voice)

    Goldilocks woke up and broke up the party.
    “Bye, bye, bye, bye” said the pappa bear(WAVE BYE bye)
    Bye bye bye bye said the mamma bear (wave bye bye)
    Hey mamma she bear said the little wee bear someone has broken ny chair Yeah!(repeat actions above)


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