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    This song is a round robin for your class.

    Another one that involves everyone and great to fill in that 5 mins.

    It goes like this….

    Teacher – “Hey Jack”
    Jack – “I think I hear my name”
    Everyone – “Hey Jack”
    Jack – “I think I hear it again”
    Everyone – “You’re wanted on the telephone”
    Jack – “If it isn’t…..(Another child’s name)I’m not at home”
    Everyone – “with a ring a ding, ding, ding, ding oh yeah, with a ring, a ding, ding, ding, ding, oh yeah”
    Everyone – “Hey (new students name)”

    and continue around and around….

    My kids love it, and we get quite groovy with it. Including clicks, and claps and swaying to jazz it up a bit


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    Great idea thanks very much. One question though , what tune do you sing it to. I have tried a few, including a ‘rap’ but cant quite get it


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    Thanks for this. I love these “fill ins” and so do the children.


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    The chant starts with “Hey Ja-ck” so 3 syllables
    or I clap 3 times (or try and squish a longer name in)
    “your wan-ted on the tel-e-phone” so you stretch that part out. The chant doesnt follow any tune that I know of, it just sort of takes on a life of its own!!, we often add claps, or clicks to it, or funny voice, quiet, louder etc
    Sorry I cant sing it to you!! 🙂


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    I think it is meant to be like a chant where you can click your fingers or clap to the beat as the children chant…

    Great idea for using instruments also…..

    Thanks Daina


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    I use the following words instead of “ring, ding ect …”
    With a rick, tick, tickety, tack
    Oh yeah! (repeat once more)

    Kerry Patten @ Koorawatha NSW

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    There IS a set tune for this song. You will find it in the Qld Tune In Kits. The correct words are the ring a ding ding ones even though there are a lot of teachers singing rick a tick. The tune is very catchy with a blues/jazz feel, and the children LOVE it. I would sing it for you but, hey you can’t really do that with this medium.


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    I did something like this with my
    Montessori students but we use
    old phone key pads (real not toy) or
    cell phones with buttons and “dial”
    a number.

    For example, we would say “I’m dialing
    Jack at 3-2-1. Ring! Ring!” and everyone repeats
    that back while pressing those numbers
    on their keypad.

    Later in the year everyone
    picks a unique 3 digit number and hangs
    it on a card around their necks during the
    game. If I call out “I am dialing 3-2-1”, they have to figure out who has that “phone number” and say

    “Hey that’s Jack!” and then dial the number
    saying “I’m calling Jack at 3-2-1. Ring! Ring!”
    It helps a lot with rapid naming of numbers.

    Karen in Washington DC

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    This is on a Sharon , Lois and Bram record too.


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    Hi this is on the NSW resource ‘Vocal Ease’ as well. I’ve seen Year 4’s do it as an item at assembly. It was really cool. They walked around to the beat and add some movements to it as well.
    Lots of fun.


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    Tbnks Anne Marie for the help – now I just have to fing the QLD tune it kit! – OH! the things we do !!!!


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    Does anyone know the chords for this song?


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    I love this song and I found it in the Music K-8 edition and I changed the words also. I teach the call and response concept with my kinders and also teach them their home phone number. The only thing it does not include the area code:

    Call: Hey ________________ (child’s name)
    Respond: I think I hear my name
    Call: Hey _______________
    Respond: I think I hear it again
    Call: I want to call you on the the telephone
    Respond: Well its 3-2-1-4-5-8-6
    All together 2xs: With a rick tick tickety tick oh yeah


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    Hi there, does anyone know which level and module of the Qld Tune In Kit this song is on?


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    What volume of ‘Music K-8’ was it in?


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    Gabriella Hall

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