Teaching Days of the Week

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    To teach my Prep/Year 1 class the day names for our morning session, I have a chart with the days of the week on thewall – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (our at school days),are numbered 1 to 5 – top to bottom.
    They are the same colour too.

    Saturday and Sunday are numbered 6 and 7 on the bottom in a different colour.

    I explain that all of the days belong to the ‘day’ family.
    1st is Mon-day, 2nd is Tues-day etc to Fri-day our finish off the week day.

    Satur-day – u r home on Satur day.

    Sun day, home number 2 day.

    I also show ‘on’ in Mon-day I go to school on M- on-day.

    I stress Tu at the front of Tues-day to help differentiate from Thursday.

    We are in Wednes-day stress the ‘we’.

    Thurs-day T for tongue-th-digraph-we show the tongue for ‘th’-think how we say Th-Th Thursday.

    On Fri-day we ‘finish off’ all of our week’s tasks.

    We then have ‘free choice’ when all’s done.

    Saturday and Sunday are at the end of the week-so we call these days the ‘weekend’.
    We have a few copies flashcards of the day names so the kids can tell if their card matches the one on the wall chart, calendar etc.

    I use these to teach tomorrow, yesterday, the day after Thursday, the day between Monday and Weds., 4th school day etc.

    We also mark the birthdays on our calendars at the beginning of each month so kids know the day and date and count forwards to their special day. Can do the same for excursions, library borrowing etc.

    Kids become familiar with this method quickly. Lowis


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    You can also sing the days of the week to the Adams family song.

    “There’s Sunday and there’s Monday, (click fingers once)
    There’s Tuesday and there’s Wednesday.(click)
    There’s Thursday and there’s Friday (click)
    And then there’s Saturday (click 2 times pause click twice again)
    Days of the week (click click)
    Days of the week (click click)”


    Children love it!


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    It is fun for older children to know where the names come from eg: Monday moon, Saturday Saturn Thursday; Thors day – God of Thunder
    Similarly months of the year
    When teaching receptions I use “Monday Monday I like Monday” Bill Martin book(?)
    It goes Sunday Sunday, I like Sunday/Sunday first day of the week.
    First used it with special ed students in the 80s!
    Make a class big book to read and share – use ordinal numbers: 1st. Associate day with activites e.g. Monday library day. Children draw or download pictures for appropriate activities.
    I also have made similar book for months of the Year
    Try clapping to teach days of the week in order
    Sunday, M T W T F S 7 days in one week.
    Do same for months …. 12 months in one year
    Sing to tune of “Darlin Clementine” days of the week S, M T W T F S There are 7 days in a week, in a week there’s 7 days.


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    Lovely ideas.Thank you. I would like to emphasie that the first day of the week is Sunday.

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