Playing with Words and Numbers in Early Education

Sight words with Movement

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    My son has Autism and needs to learn in a different way, movement is his strength. So we incorporate sight words in movement games. Word twister is popular in our house.

    It works like this: on the twister mat bluetack the words that you are focusing on – onto each dot so that the colour is visible.

    Using the spinner go on the colour and say the word. The next step is adding the words to the spinner. It works best with 3-4 children one being the caller and the others doing the movement.

    Judi Huxedurp

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    Great Idea! Will be using it with my Preps next week :)


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    LOVE THIS! Thanks for the idea. I teach autism grades 1-3. Hope it will work for their level!


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    Awesome idea!

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