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    I have 4 groups over 4 days for an hour in duration.

    The first half hour is:
    2 groups on any given day are doing a guided reading book and activity. ie day 1 is intro book and sheet, day 2 is a follow up to the book and another sheet/activity.

    Each day 1 group is on the computers in my room. they usually do Classroom Computer or I put them on a website called it introduces the alphabet and has activities and books that they can interact with.

    The last group depending on the time of year/whether mums have turned up could be doing one of the following.

    * aural phonemic awareness activities with me
    * plastine/playdough – making letters, words, their names
    * a phonic sheet for the letter of the week
    * CVC words sheets where they manipulate and make word families
    * sight word games
    * jigsaws or a construction/sequencing activity

    The second half hour is writing. It is targeting the children who need to get pen on paper to have a go. Sometimes I set topics, or it’s free choice or it might be a recount/personal experience about the books they have done in reading groups. I also use story starters and silly sentences – where they take a beginning and an end to make a silly sentence. They really like doing this one.

    It is not about drafting or editing it is forming letters, getting ideas on a page and having a go at the whole experience of writing for FUN.

    Mums and children really enjoy these groups and they work for me.


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    Thanks so much for sharing with us Louise. This is a great way to set out your groups. is a great site for littlies also.

    Look forward to hearing from you again soon.


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