Playing with Words and Numbers in Early Education

K-2 Scope and Sequence Help

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    Diana Rigg in WA has some awesome resources set up for this! It shows progression in certain year levels, etc. I don’t know what state you are in, but her resources tend to line up to the WA year levels, which are a tad different to the other states (but only by a little). However you can adjust them to where you think your kids should be and just shift what she has done, to line up to yours.

    Based on her research and resources our school set up a progression chart/goals for our Junior grade levels as well as a basic outline for our curriculums per term, etc.

    It’s not all fancy and colourful, but the resources are super valuable.

    While she has tons of great resources for Literacy, I would recommend this one for what you are looking for:


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    Diana Rigg – PLD Literacy in Perth has some great resources to do with exactly this. It is pretty much done for you – just a matter of implementing it!

    Donna D

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    My school follows the Diana Rigg scope and sequence, it is quite clear on expectations and the sequence followed for each year level. is where you can find her info.


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    I think Words their way is a fantastic resource. Have a look at the test, there are also a range of resources, I don’t use them at my school as we have our own program but I LOVE their test. (The reason I love it is that it tests cvc words, then blends then cons digraphs, vowel digraphs and so on.) This should give you an idea about what progression to teach the sounds in.
    Hopefully the link is below:
    May 06, 2011
    Synthetic Phonics – Get Reading Right
    by: Deborah

    Our school has implemented Synthetic Phonics from Get Reading Right with fantastic results. The website ( Get Reading Right) has the scope and sequence for introducing phonemes.


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    I highly recommend Jolly Phonics program. Its fantastic. It caters for R-2.


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