Ideas for Using Thematic Unit Word Cards

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    Tips for Using …..

    *Never, never, never put your word cards away …immerse your learning area in words !  Store your classroom sets in labelled pouches or boxes (the small bio-zet type washing powder boxes work really well, OR  plastic pouches) ready for reference and use everyday!

    *Play with Words at every opportunity!

    *Grab a set of cards and plan one of the activities everyday – short whole class activities, structured literacy group activities or impromptu grab and go games…

    *1 larger set and 1 smaller set -Whenever you plan to print off a set of word cards – print off 2 sets – or ideally……

    *…..make use of different print sizes.  The larger 4 words to a page size is ideal for wall display—the 2 in 1 print sizes are great for hands-on games and labelled boxes/pockets.  9 in 1 is ideal for word lists, individual copies for cut and paste activities and take home word cards.  

    How to print in different sizes….

    *Never underestimate the power of the written WORD (CARD) ! *






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    I bought a shoe hanger from a cheap shop and use that to house my flash cards in the classroom. (A large plastic sheet with little storage pockets on it. Perfect size for the cards to slip into with the label pinned to the front). When doing a particular theme, I remove those cards for display, but the rest are always there for the kids to use,

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