Handwriting and the Interactive Whiteboard

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    I teach Kinder and find that different sets of lines are needed to show them where to write their letters. So I have a group of pages which have different sets of lines eg one plain base line only, two lines with no upper or lower guides (for tall and long letters),2 solid lines and dotted upper and lower lines etc.

    As each sound is introduced I add that sound to a new set of pages using an outlined font, so by the end of the year I will have every letter with it’s own set of pages.

    The children enjoy coming and writing on the board and it is easy to show how to position their letters depending on the lines they use.

    Amanda Porter

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    K-3 Member

    There’s a new resource you can get from letterjoin.com that teaches joined-up handwriting from an early age. It starts with pre-cursive patterns and gradually builds up to all the letters of the alphabet. There are worksheets for each section and each pattern, letter and word can be brought up as a separate window to trace over on a whiteboard. Have a look – it’s great!


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    Our Kindergarten is the first year at school, so writing is a very important part of the curriculum. Many of my students came to school with very poor letter formation and poor pencil grip. The whiteboard makes it a fun way of improving both.


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    I think it is great that there are other teachers out there encouraging and giving tools for young children to have a chance at being taught to write the alphabet and to have some knowledge before going into their school years.

    The 4-5 year olds I teach are very interested in writing especially writing their own name and recognising letters of their name and friends in the alphabet, in books, posters, flashcards and more.
    Keep up with great writing ideas.


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    Michael Rushton

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    Montie Charles

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    Alex Wood

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    Fulton Doyle

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