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    Hi Everyone,

    So this year is my first year as a teacher and I have a pre-primary class (I am in WA). I am going with an ‘All About Me’ theme. I have the first day planned – just some fun activities to get the kids comfortable with me and the new classroom. But what happens after that? I have some ideas for activities to see where the children are at in terms of math and literacy but I am not sure if I just get straight into that stuff or if I need to do anything else?

    I really want to start off the term well and be organised so i dont get overwhelmed so any ideas you have about the first term of pre-primary would be so helpful!!!



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    I always spend most of the first term getting to my know my students. Having a great relationship with the kids is paramount if you want a successful year.

    I set class rules, I ask what they would like to learn about this year. I do a range of tasks that help me work out where they are. I also take a lot of baseline data (collect writing samples etc) I usually start my theme half way through the term, once the kids are settled and I feel confident to set tasks at an appropriate level for all students.

    This is my 8th year of teaching and I really have only worked out what works for me in the last couple of years. Being new to teaching you will make mistakes and each year you will discover a new way of working.

    Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things until you find what works for you and the kids.
    Don’t be afraid to let the kids play and experiment. You will learn alot about them during this time.


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    Hello! I too am a new teacher starting off with pre-primary. Am a little nervous but am fairly sure I will be okay! I think! I plan to do a lot of observation through their play learning to start with so I can see where i can expand on their interests. Also with Australia Day around the corner am going to use that for a few activities as well. But all about me is a great theme to start with!
    Best of luck…


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    Hi Sarah

    Good luck with your first year – it’s very exciting starting off.

    There is another great thread of information and starting off over at….


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    Hi Sarah,
    I have Pre-Primary this year and I am also starting with ‘All About me’ theme. The outcomes that I am focusing on in Science are the strand of ‘life and living’.You can get the kids to learn about their body parts and their senses.

    In Society and Environment, I’m focusing on ‘Time, Continuity and Change’. Here the children can learn about significant events in their lives and how they change over time.

    For Literacy, don’t forget the concept book “About me”.I think you should start by setting up your routines and expectations, get to know your kids and take it from there! Best of luck!


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    Don’t forget co operative learning activities based around getting to know each other. Lots of oral activities which familiarise kids with the classroom and where things belong as well as looking after resources. I find that if i spend adequate time on this I don’t need to repeat myself too much throughout the year.
    Good luck!


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    Hi Sarah,
    I’ve taught PP (in WA) for the last 4 years and I’d definately say flexibility is the key! I wish I could plan ahead but the truth is you really can’t until you know where the kids are at.

    I always take the 1st 3 weeks to explore the kids abilities and complete assessments (and collect samples for comparison as they learn and develop).
    I agree that starting with “Me” is a good place as this is something all the kids can relate to.

    I extend this to Me, my family, my body, my pets, my senses etc so they get a clear picture of who they are and most importantly that people are different and that’s ok.

    Definately start literacy & numeracy from day 1, I always focus on word awareness, syllables & rhyming then introduce initial sounds around Week 4.

    I highly recommend Diana Rigg’s programs and Jolly Phonics to really get the best out of the year and help those kids who struggle with early literacy concepts.

    My other focus for term 1 are below (and these continue into term 2):
    – name writing (with correct formation)
    – recounting oral texts (weekend news/events)
    – simple descriptions (show & tell)
    – count to 10 & write correctly
    – name numbers to 10
    – recognise & follow patterns
    – shapes
    – length measurement

    Sorry for the mammoth message! I could go on and on!


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    Hi Sarah,

    I have been teaching Kindergarten for the last twelve years and in recent times I have started the year with “self and Family” theme.
    Our main focus for literacy in first term is to look at the concept of words and words in sentences. For five weeks I concentrated on teaching syllables to the kindy chn. I used Diana Rigg,s Syllable time and variations there of e.g. chn’s names, theme words etc.

    The second half of term one I introduced the concept of rhyme while still spending 5 minutes each mat session revising syllables. Second term we use jolly phonics and introduce one sound a session while still revising every mat session syllables and rhyme.

    Our pres revise jolly phonics in the first weeks of the year and then progress to more diagraphs etc. We have Literacy block every morning 1/2 hour mat session followed by 4 rotational activities starting at 5 min per activity to 7 minutes in 2nd term.

    The children are placed randomly in groups and they rotate to the diff activities in these groups. Hope this has been some help.


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