Dotted NSW foundation font

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    Dotted NSW foundation font

    by Christie

    Hi everyone,
    I am preparing our 2011 Kindergarten Orientation booklets and I am trying to find the dotted NSW foundation font that Early Stage one students.
    Does anyone know where I can download the font for free??? Tried the usual sites from google.


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    Hi Christie

    I don’t like to advise on the free fonts too much as they are usually under some sort of copyright, however, if you look on NSW education website there should be something I would think.

    I use and the edalive ‘Aussie School Fonts’

    Thanks Christie


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    It depends if you want the real font or a look alike model.

    Writeboards specialised font has been purchased by DET (in Sydney)and they have a short endorsement on their website about what the DET said. You have to ring them to acquire the font.


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    The is nothing free in nsw foundation font.
    Cant believe our government doesnt have free downloadable handwriting fonts available for parents desperate to help their kids!
    Never having protested anything in my life, why does this get me so riled?


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