How to Use a Word Wall in the Classroom (5 Activities)

I’m sure you’ve all printed and displayed a word wall in your time!

But, have you thought about the best way to maximise the learning potential of a word wall? To get the most out of your world wall, it’s important that these cards are used for much more than simply ‘display’!

Word Wall Ideas and Activities

K-3 Have a TONNE of amazing Theme Vocabulary Words for you to download. Print them in large or small sizes and get your students learning! We’ve put together some great activity ideas to help you use these classroom word walls to the best of their ability.

Fun and Educational Ideas and Activities for Word Wall Cards

#1 What Am I?

The ultimate guessing game! Write up clues for your chosen word – make them word structure or vocabulary specific

“I have 2 syllables and 2 vowels…”

“I have 5 consonants…”

“My 2nd syllable makes a word on its own…”

” I end with the 20th letter of the alphabet…”¬†


#2 Handwriting Practice

The best thing about our Theme Vocabulary Words is that they are downloadable in a range of fonts!

Choose the font for your class and have them practice their spelling and handwriting at the same time.

#3 Sight Word Sort

Using our Printable Alphabet Book, send your students on a word-wall hunt to find and sort as many words as they can into their beginning letters.

Better yet, why not print out your word walls so that they are tiny and have students paste the word in their book when they find the matching word on the wall!

#4 Nested Words

Older students will be able to break down their word wall cards into smaller words!

Just print off and laminate the cards so that students can write over them in whiteboard marker. Why not challenge them to see which word has the most words inside it!

#5 Word Dig

This is a fantastic way to incorporate your sight words and word walls with fine motor skills!

Word Wall Activities and Idea - Sight Word Dig

Print out your words small enough to bury in a container of rice. Give students a pair of tweezers and get them digging!

We hope you give these activities a try! For more ideas, download our FREE booklet 101 Free, Fun And Educational Word Card Activities.



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