Meet the Handwriting Cat!

Have you met our friendly Handwriting Cat? He’s the cutest little cat around to help you teach handwriting!

How can the Handwriting Cat help with handwriting?

The cat really is the perfect animal for handwriting help. Teaching students to use the head, body and tail as a reference for different letter formations is a great way to relate writing to a familiar concept.


Here are some great ideas on how to use the Handwriting Cat!

  • Display on your interactive whiteboard so that students can practise writing letters beside the handwriting cat.
  • Print and laminate a large version of the handwriting cat image and have it on display to refer to during handwriting sessions.
  • Use a set of alphabet practice cards to classify letters, for example, those with tails, just bodies or head/body, and tails.
  • Laminate just one cat practice sheet for individual children to practice writing their letters using whiteboard markers. Reduce these in size as children gain confidence with their handwriting.
  • Laminate the cat practice sheets and add as many blank sheets as you like so as to make a writing line. Use the large version for whole-class modelling, or reduce in size for group or individual handwriting practice.

Additional Resources:

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Handwriting Rhyme – A rhyme for reminding students how to sit while handwriting.
Alphabet Writing Rhymes – A rhyme for writing each letter of the alphabet.
Blank Printable Lined Paper


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