Geography Resource Rundown

Are you teaching geography to your class? Do your students need help finding geography resources to broaden their knowledge of the world?

Teaching lessons about the globe, different continents and climates is an incredibly eye-opening experience for young students. Especially if they have not ventured far from home at an early age. It’s no surprise that, without having experienced it first-hand, some students find it difficult to relate to other countries around the world!

We understand how tricky it is to broaden your students’ world view without actually taking them out of the classroom! At such a young age, you need to approach such a big topic one step at a time.

For this reason, we’ve produced some super handy Geography-related Concept Books!

Geography Resource

Different Climates – Printable Concept Book

Use the Different Climates – Printable Concept Book to teach children about different climates around the world.

Ideal to use as a whole class activity or as an independent homework task! Children illustrate what each climate looks like and/or an animal that lives in that environment.
They can then illustrate and write about the climate they live in.

Continents Around the World – Printable Concept Book

The Continents Around the World – Printable Concept Book is a great way to introduce students to the globe in a relatable way!

Children record the name of each continent and whether it is located in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere.
After that, ask your students to illustrate their own world globe, then locate and name each continent on a world map. Simple!

For more geography resources, make sure to check out our Printable Maps for Children – including Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.




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