12 x Fine Motor Tracing Sheets – Making Fine Motor Practice Fun!

These fine motor practice tracing sheets will have your kids excited!

Why is Fine Motor Practice Important?

Fine motor development is integral in the early years. Activities such as tracing over dotted lines help children grow their hand-eye coordination. Strengthening muscles during fine motor activities helps children learn to use tools such as pencils, crayons, scissors, and glue!

Great for independent or small group activities, homework or holiday practice, these 12 x Fine Motor Tracing Sheets are perfect for early fine motor development.

Fine Motor Practice Tracing Worksheets

How can you use this engaging resource in your classroom?

These 12 x Fine Motor Tracing Sheets can be used in a number of ways, dependant on your purpose:

  • Copy onto coloured card, laminate, or pop into a plastic folder and use whiteboard markers for tracing. This means you can reuse them again and again!
  • Copy individual sheets to give children as worksheets for a targeted fine motor activity.
  • Provide children with a worksheet as a fun fast-finisher activity.
  • Allow children to practise their fine motor tracing skills, and then colour the sheets for more pencil control practice.
  • Once your children have finished the sheets, have them copy the picture to the best of their ability.

How do you like to develop fine motor skills with your children?

Comment below to share your ideas!


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