A Quick and Easy Way to Communicate With Parents

Communicating with the parents in your classroom is one of the most important things for a teacher to do! Building trust with the families in your class doesn’t have to be time-consuming and arduous. Yet, many teachers find it difficult to find the time to write notes home, call parents, or communicate with families on […]

How to Use a Word Wall in the Classroom (5 Activities)

I’m sure you’ve all printed and displayed a word wall in your time! But, have you thought about the best way to maximise the learning potential of a word wall? To get the most out of your world wall, it’s important that these cards are used for much more than simply ‘display’! K-3 Have a […]

Geography Resource Rundown

Are you teaching geography to your class? Do your students need help finding geography resources to broaden their knowledge of the world? Teaching lessons about the globe, different continents and climates is an incredibly eye-opening experience for young students. Especially if they have not ventured far from home at an early age. It’s no surprise […]

Quick Father’s Day Activities for the Classroom

This Sunday, September 1st is Father’s Day here in Australia! Are you looking for last-minute, quick and easy Father’s Day activities for your class? You’ve come to the right place! We have two meaningful father’s day activities that will help your young students appreciate the father figures in their lives. And the best part, they […]

Celebrating International Friendship Day in K-3!

Did you know there’s a pretty exciting event happening this week? That’s right, on July 30th it’s International Friendship Day! What is International Friendship Day? International Day of Friendship has been set up by the United Nations to promote solidarity and unity across the world. To remind people that, despite all the crises and challenges […]

Meet the Handwriting Cat!

Have you met our friendly Handwriting Cat? He’s the cutest little cat around to help you teach handwriting! How can the Handwriting Cat help with handwriting? The cat really is the perfect animal for handwriting help. Teaching students to use the head, body and tail as a reference for different letter formations is a great […]