Printable Number Writing Rhymes 0-9

Number Writing Rhyme
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Number Writing Rhyme Chart 0-9
  • 10 FUN rhymes children can chant as they practise number tracing and writing.....

Suggestions for Use

  • Print out the bright copies, glue them onto colourful backing card - laminate and hang them in your learning area.  Fantastic not only for practising writing numbers, but also as a reading / literacy activity..
  • Use the words for examples of letter patterns and rhyme
  • Find all the letter / word patterns within the rhymes - Match with Phonics Printables
  • Make extra laminated copies for children to practise their number writing by tracing over the numbers using whiteboard markers.
  • Children practise writing the numbers in the air as they say the chants.
  • Children practise number tracing on their partner's back as they say the chants.
  • Children practise writing numbers with chalk on the concrete as they say the chants.
  • Make a list of words from the chants which rhyme with  zero - nine words.  Now add more rhyming words to this list - how many can you come up with? eg. one, fun, sun, bun, none, done - etc
  • Use the words from this rhyming list to make up your own class number rhymes. eg. Number one, jump to the sun.  Number two, fly to the zoo.  Number three, buzz like a bee.  Number four, close the front door......etc..  This is a great rhymes and counting activity.
  • Make extra laminated copies, cut the rhymes into sentence blocks - children rebuild them...pop them in the poems, songs, and rhymes box.
  • Make smaller copies (use your printer settings) in black and white for children to colour in all the word / letter patterns.  Children practise number writing by tracing over the large numbers with different coloured crayons (rainbow numbers)  These can then be cut up, mixed up and glued back together matching the rhyme with each numeral.
  • Make smaller copies, cut out each rhyme and staple together to make mini counting books.

Please add your suggestions for using Printable Number Writing Rhymes 0-9 in the comments below... thanks !

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